My final project was to make a website to display my work in a more profession manner then directing people to my flickr. Originally I was going to use to make my website but it proved to be to time consuming and didn’t have all the features I wanted. So I switched to which was very simple to use and user friendly. I did some simple coding for the about me page. I set up my website and divided my work into categories and everything was ready. I bought a domain name using and linked it to my 4ormat page and everything worked out great.

Along with the website, I decided to do a whole promotional splurge. I used to make my own customized businesses cards! Each card has a different one of my images on the front and all my contact information on the back. So now I seem even more professional!

I went an extra mile and made a video teaser for my website. Used final cut pro to make the title card and audio.

So the main point of my final was to get my name out there and have a place to put my work up that I’m proud to show off and I think I achieved that.

Purdom Photography <– That it right there.

Also my website is also viewable on Tablet and Smart Phone


 business card front

business card back