My final project was to make a website to display my work in a more profession manner then directing people to my flickr. Originally I was going to use to make my website but it proved to be to time consuming and didn’t have all the features I wanted. So I switched to which was very simple to use and user friendly. I did some simple coding for the about me page. I set up my website and divided my work into categories and everything was ready. I bought a domain name using and linked it to my 4ormat page and everything worked out great.

Along with the website, I decided to do a whole promotional splurge. I used to make my own customized businesses cards! Each card has a different one of my images on the front and all my contact information on the back. So now I seem even more professional!

I went an extra mile and made a video teaser for my website. Used final cut pro to make the title card and audio.

So the main point of my final was to get my name out there and have a place to put my work up that I’m proud to show off and I think I achieved that.

Purdom Photography <– That it right there.

Also my website is also viewable on Tablet and Smart Phone


 business card front

business card back



The future of photography is interesting. Seeing as though the norm is is digital photography, developers are finding ways to accommodate for the vast interests of the consumers. Wether that be better image quality, better low light sensors, and even video all of these things are to make the consumers happy. Now as much as I love film, and I really love film the digital age is slowly proving to be a better format. One a single digital SLR camera I can shoot both amazing still images as well as fantastic video footage, something a film camera cant offer. Even as an artist view point, digital is becoming more artist with its features. For a long time it has been a consumer based product, to get a digital camera into the hands of just about every person on the planet. Now though, they are offering features that are very much aimed towards artist. In the video, Ramesh Raskar mentioned features such as cameras being able to shoot around corners and isolating rough outlines of subjects (the vase of flowers). These features are revolutions in the field of photography and mixed media. A painter could outline their subjects to paint or a journalist could use his camera to shoot their subject around walls or record video with out being seen. Problems that photographers used to face when shooting film are slowly being fixed bit by bit with each new digital camera that hits the market and for the most part, that’s a great thing. 

It’s great to hold on to old techniques but not using and practicing with the new ways of life is very foolish. I love the look of film and it looks better with my type of photography but I still use digital cameras and keep up with the trends that the photo community is focusing on. It’s great that digital cameras are becoming more sophisticated and are branching out to a vast diversity or people. I get excited when companies introduce crazy new ideas that the next camera will do, it blows my mind every time. I appreciate the old ways of photography and I still shoot it, and I’ll keep shooting it as long as film is around but if the day comes when digital will be the only way to shoot photographs, I am ready to make that transition.


I love baby ducks 



Charlie Purdom


I have been in desperate need of a website. Flickr has been all fun and good but it’s time to get professional. I am planning to use Indexhibit to make a nice simple website to have on a business card and put all my work up on. I will buy my web domain and then use indexhibit to house it. 




My main example is, my friend Patrick O’Malley’s website. Which he made in indexhibit.


Something nice and simple. I also will probably make business cards to go along side with the website. Sorta like a duel project! 


That’s all I got so far and I hope it turns out well. 


Here’s a picture of something


Here is an example of photoshop touch up on a studio portrait.

Here’s Before




Here’s the photo after



Tools I used: 

Clone Stamp

Patch Tool

Gaussian Blur 

Sharping Tool



This is the tale of Captain Cat, as he returns to his cabin in the woods. Little does he know that the cabin is overrun by all sorts of evil.


Tools used

Photoshop (Layer mask, pen tool, adjustment levels, magic wand, lasso/magnetic lasso, and a couple of drop shadows.)

Images used for the creation (most of them):


Hello my name is Charlie Purdom

I am a photography student at the School of Visual Arts. I am shoot mainly night photography with available light. I shoot film (Medium/Large format) and scan digitally and edit on photoshop and lightroom.

What I would like to take from this class is a better understanding of adobe after effects so I can moving pictures (gifs / cinemagraphes) to make some more interesting images and also combine my love for both film and photography.

My flickr has all my work ( but I would like to make a website soon and hopefully I can learn that in your class this semester.

 Meow Later!